After selecting an opponent from the My Opponent tab, it will bring you to that team's Dashboard.

By default, the All Games filter is selected. Quickly toggle to a different set of games including the comparison filters. Choosing Last 5, Wins vs. Losses, Home vs. Away or Conf. vs. Non-Conf filters will display statistics reflecting the filter that you choose.

The Dashboard page also shows team rankings across statistical categories. College teams can toggle between the conference and D-1 rankings. Rankings are currently available on this page for:

  • Four Factors Offense
  • Four Factors Defense
  • Advanced Stats
  • Pace
  • Rankings will show for the Last 5 filter, 'Wins vs. Losses', 'Home vs. Away', or 'Conf vs. Non-Conf' filters

Rankings will now show colors according to new rules: Top 33% = Green, Middle 33% = Gray, Bottom 33% = Red. Previously the rules were top 25%, middle 50%, bottom 25%

The Dashboard page can be printed by clicking Print in the top-right corner of the page: