After selecting an opponent from the My Opponent tab, toggle to the FastStat tab to view cumulative statistics across key sets of games.

By default, the All Games filter is selected. Quickly toggle to a different set of games including the comparison filters. Choosing Wins vs. Losses, Home vs. Away or Conf. vs. Non-Conf filters will display two rows of statistics. 

The FastStats page also shows team rankings across statistical categories. College teams can toggle between the conference and D-1 rankings. Rankings are currently available on this page for:

  • Four Factors Offense
  • Four Factors Defense
  • Advanced Stats
  • Pace
  • Rankings will show for the Last 5 filter, 'Wins vs. Losses', 'Home vs. Away', or 'Conf vs. Non-Conf' filters

Rankings will now show colors according to new rules: Top 33% = Green, Middle 33% = Gray, Bottom 33% = Red. Previously the rules were top 25%, middle 50%, bottom 25%

The FastStat page can be printed by clicking Print in the top-right corner of the page: