New Features

  • Template Builder: allows users to create templates using a blank format, instead of creating a report for a specific opponent. Template Builder also lets users edit and delete templates they previously created. This Template Builder is accessible from both the Library and Scout Builder (My Scouts) pages.
  • Help Wizard: in the Report Builder highlights empty text and image tiles that need to be addressed by the user. Wizard will also highlight personnel tiles if they contain a custom split row of statistics. Alerts user of any possible errors in report.
  • Game Selection options for Team Stats: Leader tiles allows users to quickly select common sets of games for these tiles such as Home, Away, Conference, etc.
  • Tile for Individual Boxscore: shows a single-game boxscore.
  • Personnel Tiles: When opening a new report using a template, personnel tiles will now auto-fill based on MPG. 
  • Duplicate Reports: from the Library & Scout Builder (My Scouts) pages by right-clicking on a report and selecting 'Duplicate Report'


  • Blank extra page no longer prints behind report
  • Scroll-bars no longer print even if they are present in Report Builder