• Updated design for Login screen. This log-in screen will be consistent across applications (FastRecruit, FastScout) and platforms (web, mobile)

• Updated design for Recent Games tile let's users fill in the last number of games to show instead of manually selecting each one. Users can also define which columns show in the table and in what sequence they appear

• Updated design for Four Factors tile let's users define which columns to show and in what sequence they appear

• New 'Four Factors Chart' is available as a new tile under the Team Stats menu, and appears on all FastStats pages outside of ScoutBuilder

• Updated design to the player selection for boxscore tiles allows users to easily add/remove inactivate players from the boxscore tiles.

• Template Builder - After selecting a template to edit via Template Builder, the template will open automatically. Users will no longer see a prompt asking them to edit the template

• New Depth Chart tile allows coaches to quickly build depth charts. Each cell in the table reveals a drop-down list with every player on the team roster. The top row can be toggled to show positions in a few different formats (1, PG, Point Guard)

• New 'Pace Table' is available as a new tile under the Team Stats menu, and appears on all FastStats pages outside of ScoutBuilder

• New 'Pace Chart' is available as a new tile under the Team Stats menu, and appears on all FastStats pages outside of ScoutBuilder

• New tile 'Clutch Stats' allows users to define time and scoring margin for a cumulative boxscore

• New tile 'Team Stat Splits' shows team stats across multiple game splits that the user can define

• Updated design to Leader tiles allows uses to define minimum thresholds for each category and hide specific players from appearing in the tile

• Toggle OT scoring on/off for Points Per Period tables

• New options for Header Design allow users to hide or show a 'skinny' header on each page after page 1 of the report

• Toggle stats to 'Per 40' for the following tiles:

• Individual Boxscore

• Cumulative Boxscore

• Personnel

• Leaders



Item: Personnel settings being reverted when modifying tile settings

Known Limitation: When 1 or more personnel tiles are edited, the game/stat selection reverts back to our default settings.

Resolution: Earmarked for future release (FS 2.2.9)

Workaround: If a user goes to edit the settings of a personnel tile, double-check to make sure game selection and stat selection match what they want  


Item: Define behavior of minimum value field for Leader tiles

Known Limitation: The minimum value field for Leaders tiles accepts both totals and averages, depending on which stat type you have selected for the tile. Does not accept per 40.

Resolution: Earmarked for future release.

Workaround: Be aware of how the minimum value field works. In the example below, if 'FGM-A' is set to Average, the 'Minimum FGA' will accept an average value. If 'FGM-A' is set to Total the 'Minimum FGA' will accept a total value. Do NOT set these values to 'Per 40' or the minimum field will not work.


Item: Individual Boxscore tile header showing incorrect team

Known Limitation: The tile header for an Individual Boxscore tile shows your own team name in place of your opponent team name

Resolution: Earmarked for future release (FS 2.2.9)

Workaround: Users can easily manually edit the tile header to correct this                                                                                                                              

Item: Another User is Editing this Report' modal appears for same user

Known Limitation: Modal 'User is editing report' appears incorrectly, listing the user you are currently logged in as.

Resolution: Earmarked for future release

Workaround: Clicking the X on the prompt closes the modal and allows the user to continue working as normal.