1. Edit tile details in Template Builder outside the context of a specific opponent. This will help address the common in-season workflow of coaches making small changes to their report templates mid-season. For example, when NCAA conference play starts, coaches often like to add a row of conference stats to their personnel tiles. With this update, coaches can make this change in Template Builder.

  2. Deleting a page - When a coach chooses to delete an entire page from their report or template via the Pagination menu, a new prompt will appear asking them to confirm the action. This should help coaches avoid accidentally deleting entire pages with content they have added.
  3. Updated design to the 'My Team' page mimics the Opponent pages. This includes pages for FastStats, Schedule, Roster and Self-Scouts.


Item: Define behavior of minimum value field for Leader tiles

Known Limitation: The minimum value field for Leaders tiles accepts both totals and averages, depending on which stat type you have selected for the tile. Does not accept per 40.
Resolution: Earmarked for future release.
Workaround: Be aware of how the minimum value field works. In the example below, if 'FGM-A' is set to Average, the 'Minimum FGA' will accept an average value. If 'FGM-A' is set to Total the 'Minimum FGA' will accept a total value. Do NOT set these values to 'Per 40' or the minimum field will not work.

Item: Investigate why player: "*" times out queries

Known Limitation: Backend bug that prevents us from filtering out inactive players from box score tiles
Resolution: Earmarked for future release
Workaround: No workaround, inactive players will continue to appear on FastStats tables

Item: Printing FastStats page with bar graphs overflows on print-out

Known Limitation: If a user prints the FastStats page with either of the bar graphs showing, the graphs overflow on the print-out
Resolution: Earmarked for future release
Workaround: No workaround, avoid printing FastStats page with graphs. Use Scout Builder instead if needed

Item: List of templates not seen on Scout Builder page until page is refreshed

Known Limitation: When user navigates to Scout Builder page, list of templates appears blank. Refresh the page to see templates
Resolution: Earmarked for future release
Workaround: Refresh the page

Item: Toggling between Average & Per 40 stats not working on personnel tiles

Known Limitation: Editing personnel tiles and toggling stats between average and per 40 doesn't work
Resolution: Earmarked for future release
Workaround: When initially adding personnel tiles to report, pick the stat type you want (Average or Per 40). If you change your mind, delete and re-add the tiles instead of editing.