First, make sure you have the most recent FastScout version by installing it from our Downloads Page.

After the new installation is finished, open FastScout Classic and filter your list of scouts to the list you would like to export (we highly recommend coaches only export last season's scouts, as exporting large numbers of reports will work, but can take hours to transfer.

Click the Preview tab to preview reports (this is an optional step but good practice to ensure the reports look the way you would like).

On the preview tab, confirm the Report, Template and Style choices are set to the correct options. The options set here are what every scout listed will be exported as. This gives coaches a lot of control on what they export, and allows them to visually confirm they are choosing the correct report and template.

Click File --> Export to FastScout Web (users must be an Account Admin to see this feature).

The below prompt will appear. Choose the correct Report option again then click Export.

A modal will appear as seen below showing progress of exporting scouts.

Exported scouts will appear under My Scouts --> Opponent Scouts as seen below. They will show a status of 'PDF'.

    - Clicking on a report will open the PDF in a new tab in the web browser. Text can be copied from the PDF

    - Scout Name is pulled in and can be searched for

    - Team name and 'Prepared By' are simply text and cannot be filtered

    - Game Date/Last modified can be sorted

    - The reports cannot be distributed to mobile app, locked or duplicated, only be viewed as PDFs


If coaches upload the same scout more than once, we have implemented checks to not duplicate reports. If the scout has the same Name, Team, Scout Date, it will not duplicate. This means if multiple coaches export the same list of scouts, they won't duplicate.