Notes can be added to the profile of any Recruit in your database, either from the Recruits tab in FastRecruit Web, or the Recruits tab in FastRecruit Mobile. Using Notes will allow you and your staff to collaboratively keep a running dialog on the Recruits in your database.


The Notes Report

Clicking the "Reports" tab in FastRecruit Web and selecting "Notes" will allow you to search through the Notes taken by all of your staff members, and can be filtered by Recruit, Author, or Date Range. 

Printing / Exporting
You can print these notes by clicking on the “Print Notes” button in the top right corner. Please note that selecting "Print Notes" will only print out the notes displaying on that page.  

You can display more notes on a page by scrolling to the bottom and increasing the number displayed on the page:

Additionally, you can click the "Export Notes" to download a .CSV file containing all of the notes your staff has taken. When selecting the "Export Notes" option, you will be prompted to order your exported spreadsheet by Recruit or by Date (most recent notes first).

Sort by Recruits (sorts alphabetically in ascending order by last name):

Sort by Most Recent (sorts by Date, most recent first):