The Tourneys Tab

In the Tourneys tab, you will be able to see each recruiting period and the tournaments that exist within that session (including your own custom tournaments). To see which tournaments have finalized schedules/teams loaded into FastRecruit, toggle the 'Scheduled Tournaments' switch to On as seen below.

Any available tournament can be viewed by clicking on the tournament.


In the tournament screen, you can search for games by Venue (“Games by Venue” tab) or by Team and Division (“Teams” tab).


Adding Games through the “Game by Venue” Tab

Adding games to your schedule through the “Games by Venue” area is simple:

  • Choose a venue to search for games at that venue only, or choose All Venues to search through the full schedule for the tournament. In this example, the Wrigley Arena is the venue (some tournaments will only have one venue, while others will have multiples).

  • In the next screen, you will be shown all of the games scheduled Today for your selected venue, or for All Venues, depending on your initial selection. Much like in the Schedule tab, using the left and right arrows next to the date will flip to different days in the tournament. When you have located a game you are interested in attending, click the star icon below any game to add that game to your schedule. Click the star a second time to remove that game from your Schedule.

  • As always, you can also click on any game to view the game details, add Recruits, mark as attended, see driving directions, etc.

Adding Games through “Teams” Tab:

  • Click on the "Team" tab with the Tourneys tab. Here you will see a list of all the teams within this particular tournament, organized by division. Scroll down through the list to find the team you are interested in, or use the search bar to find any teams of interest. Teams with a Green flag next to them indicate you are following that team.

  • Click on a team of interest and you will see their upcoming schedule. You have the option to follow this team by toggling the Follow This Team button to the "on" position, which will add all of the team's games to your schedule. Alternatively, you can click on the star below any single game to add that game to your schedule. Clicking on the star a second time will remove that game from your Schedule.