After you have added games to your coaches' schedules from the Tourney Tab, you have the option in FastRecruit Web to prioritizes important games in their schedule by "Starring" them. When your coaches hit the road, they will be able to use the FastRecruit Mobile app to see and track their schedules, and they will have the ability to filter their schedules down to Starred Games only, highlighting their most important games of the day.

Starring Games in FastRecruit Web

To get started, click on the Schedule tab in the top menu bar.

The Schedule Tab will give you an overview of all of the games that have been assigned to your staff members' schedules so far. Using the staff initials along the top bar, you have the option to choose a single staff member's schedule to view, or you can view as many staff members as you would like at once. In the example below, only one staff member, "RC", has been selected, so only games currently on RC's schedule will appear in the list.

From here, clicking the "star" icon under the row "RC" will star and prioritize that selected game in RC's schedule.

You have the ability to star all games by clicking "Star All" button under the staff member's initials.

While only one staff member's schedule ("RC") is currently displayed, games can still be starred for any member of the staff. For any staff members who were already scheduled to attend the game, this will simply prioritize the game on that staff member's schedule. If that staff member was not originally scheduled to attend the game, starring the game will both add and prioritize the game in the staff member's schedule.

All of the games that you have Starred in FastRecruit Web can now be quickly accessed on each staff member's schedule from the FastRecruit Mobile app, within the Schedule tab. Coaches can use the 'Star Only' switch seen below to filter down their schedule to only those 'Starred' games.