This article will cover the three steps to setting up a coach's schedule for a tournament, which are assigning Staff to a tournament, assigning Recruits to a tournament, and matching each Recruit to their tournament team for that event, a process that we call "mapping."

Assigning Staff and Recruits

To get started, click on the Tourneys tab in the top menu bar

A list of all our partnered events as well as any custom tournaments that you have created will now be visible for each recruiting period (or "Session", occurring in April, July, or September). Use the arrows to the left and right of the recruiting period to see past or future tournaments, or use the drop-down box to flip between various spring and summer recruiting sessions.

Once you have located the correct Session, click on any tournament in which you are interested in assigning recruits and staff members. 

The next step is to assign staff members on the left pane and assign recruits on the right pane. Staff members can be assigned by ticking the box next to the appropriate staff member's name, then adjusting the "From:" and "To:" attendance dates to correspond with that staff member's travel schedule. Recruits can be added by selecting the Recruit's name from the drop down menu, or by typing in search values to search for the Recruit's name. 


In the example below, two Staff members have been assigned (Robbie Lehman and Ross Comerford), and three Recruits have been assigned.


"Mapping" Recruits to Tourney Teams

Now that the first two steps of assigning Staff and Recruits is complete, the last step to make sure schedules are automatically loaded into the attending staff members' schedules is to "map" Recruits to their Tourney Teams. While assigning Staff and Recruits can be done well in advance, the last step of mapping Recruits to teams can only occur once we have received a schedule and a list of teams from the tournament operator. You will know a tournament schedule is available from the Tourneys tab when the "Status" column next to a tournament switches from "Committed" to "Scheduled."

To map a Recruit, use the Tourney Team drop down menu next to the Recruit's name and info. This menu will contain all of the teams within that tournament, and is fully searchable.

Tips for Mapping Recruits

  • Much like searching for recruits using the book provided by the tournament, you may need to do a couple of searches to match the exact naming structure used for the team in the tournament. A common example is shown below, where a club team with the name "Chicago Grinders - Black" may appear in the tournament schedule as "Chicago Grinders (IL)(16U)."
  • More than one Tourney Team can be added for any Recruit. This can come in handy if a Recruit is playing in multiple divisions within the same tournament. In the example below, Sue Bird is assigned to two teams within the tournament.
  • If you do not know what team a Recruit will be playing for at the tournament, leave the Tourney Team field blank. Once the coaches arrive at the tournament and find out what team the Recruit is playing for, the Tourney Team can be assigned from the FastRecruit Mobile app. Any incorrect Tourney Teams can also be corrected from the Mobile app.

Viewing Games

Once a Recruit has been mapped to a Tourney Team, you will see the "Games" tab just above the Assign Staff window update, which indicates the number of games that have been added to the schedule of each attending staff member. By clicking on the "Games" tab you can see more information about the games that have been added.

Following Teams

In addition to mapping Recruits to their Tourney Teams, games can be added to coaches' schedules using the Follow Team feature. This allows the coach to follow a particular team without necessarily knowing ahead of time which Recruits will be playing for that team. This feature is available within FastRecruit Web, as well as from the FastRecruit Mobile app.