If the Schedule tab in your FastRecruit Mobile app is displaying the wrong games for your Recruit, then this player likely has been assigned to the wrong team. You can quickly and easily update the Recruit's tourney team, and subsequently the games in your Schedule, from the Recruits tab.

Updating Tourney Teams in the Recruits Tab

Click on the Recruits tab from the bottom menu and either scroll through your list of Recruits to find the player you are looking for, or use the Search box to search for your player by name. After locating the Recruit that you need to update, click on the player to open the Recruit profile. 

In the example below, Sue Bird is mapped to two tourney teams, which are listed below her name. These teams can be edited by clicking on Sue to open her profile.

Once you have opened the Recruit's profile, click the "Edit" button in the top right corner to make changes. 

Clicking "Edit" will open the "Recruit Info" menu, where you can make changes to the Recruit's profile. Scroll down to the "Tourney Teams" section of the profile, where you can remove a tourney team by clicking the trash icon next to any team. When you remove a tourney team from a Recruit's profile, any games featuring that team will be removed from your Schedule.

Note: If you have Starred a game featuring a Recruit's tourney team, removing that team will NOT result in the Starred game being removed from your Schedule. All Starred games must manually be removed from your Schedule by un-Starring them.

After removing any incorrect teams for a Recruit, you can add the correct Tourney Team(s) by clicking the "Add Tourney Team" button. From there, select the tournament you are attending and then search for the team you would like to add. 

The final step after selecting the correct Tourney Team is to click the "Save" button in the top right to finalize your changes. All games for the newly added Tourney Team will be added to the schedules of any coach assigned to the tournament, including games in bracket play. To see all scheduled games for that team right away and select games to Star, click the "View Upcoming Games" link from the Recruit's profile page.