Adding a recruit to your team's database can easily be done from the Tourneys Tab. This option is best used when you know which team the Recruit is playing for at the tournament you are attending.

To get started, click on the Tourneys Tab from the bottom menu and select your tournament. In the example below, the selected tournament will be "Adidas Uprising Summer Championships".

After selecting your tournament, you will be able to search for a team by the venue they are at using the "Games by Venue" tab. More likely, though, you will want to select the "Team Tab" to select a team by division, or to perform a search for a team name. In the example below, Club Utah Impact will be the selected team.

After you have selected a team, you will be taken to the team's upcoming schedule. From here you can click the "Add Recruit" button to add a new Recruit to that team, and subsequently to your database of Recruits.

Note: After selecting "Add Recruit" you will be taken to a list of Recruits currently in your database. We recommend performing a search just to be sure that the Recruit isn't already in your database. If you locate the Recruit in your list, simply click on the Recruit to add them to the selected team. If you do not locate the Recruit, click the "Create New Recruit Record" button at the bottom.


Lastly, fill out as much information as you currently have for the new Recruit (name, category, etc). You will be able to edit this Recruit and add more information later from the Recruits tab. In the example below, you can see that the Tourney Team and Club Team fields for the new Recruit (Club Utah Impact) will be filled out automatically.

Be sure to click the Save button in the top right corner to save the new Recruit to your database.