The "Recruiter" Role

In order to reduce the number of staff initials shown within FastRecruit, we now allow staffs to designate who their team's "Recruiters" vs general staff members are. In general each staff should have 4 recruiters and as many non-recruiters as they wish. Only staff members who are marked as "recruiters" will have their names within the FastRecruit system, therefore allowing you to assign games to those coaches, see their schedules,etc.

To make these distinctions ("Recruiter" vs general staff) please follow the directions below:

1) If you are your team's Account Admin head to the FastModel Admin Portal.

If you have any questions about who is your team's account admin feel free to contact support.

2) Click on the "Products tab" in the main menu bar and then select FastRecruit.

3) Assign seats and roles

Below is an example of your FastRecruit Summary screen. From here you can assign seats (activations) of the product by clicking on the "Assign Seat" button and filling out the necessary information. Additionally, you can change the assigned role for any user by clicking the pencil icon next to the currently listed role. In the menu that opens, you can toggle the Recruiter role on or off.

Assign seats to staff members who need access to FastRecruit:


Assign specific roles to staff members to reduce the number of initials within FastRecruit: