While we believe that using the FastRecruit Web portal to Assign Staff Member and Assign Recruits is the most efficient workflow for setting your schedule, we all also understand that some coaches want to arrive at the tourney and then figure out their schedule from there. These steps will help you set and organize your schedule on the fly.

Step 1: Assign Yourself to the Tourney

To ensure that you are continually receiving updates to your schedule as a tournament progresses through bracket play, make sure you are assigned to the tournament you are at by following these steps.


Step 2: Add Games to Your Schedule

There are a number of different ways to add games to your schedule from the FastRecruit app. Below are the top three methods that we recommend for adding games.

Assigning Recruits to Tourney Teams 

The easiest way to assign a Recruit to a Tourney Team is from the Tourneys tab. After clicking the tab and selecting your tournament, you will then be able to select the "Teams" tab from along the top to search for any team participating in the tournament.

Once you have located and selected the correct team in the tournament, you can click the Add Recruit button to add a player to the team. 

You will be given the option to search through your current database of Recruits and select any existing Recruit to add to the team. If it is a new Recruit that is not in your database, you can select the "Create New Recruit Record" option from the bottom of the menu.

When adding a new Recruit, enter as much information as you currently have, and then click the Save button in the top right to save your new Recruit. Note the recruit's 'Tourney Team' is automatically added based on your selection.

Now that you have added a Recruit to a team, all of the games involving that team will be added to your schedule. When the team advances to bracket play, your schedule will be updated with each game as the team advances through the tournament.

Following a Tourney Team

As an alternative to adding a Recruit to a tourney team, you also have the option to simply "Follow" a tourney team to add that team's games to your schedule. To do this, follow the same steps as above for locating the team you are interested in from the Tourneys tab, but instead of clicking the "Add Recruit" button, toggle the "Following this Team" switch to the on position.

Once you have followed a team, its games will be added to your schedule, with a green ribbon shown next to the team that you are following. Just like adding a Recruit to a team, following a team will automatically populate new bracket games to your schedule as the team advances through the tournament.

Starring Individual Games

The final option for adding games to your schedule is to add individual games through the use of Stars. Once again, use the Tourneys tab to search for a team you are interested in seeing, or use the "Games by Venue" tab to look at a daily schedule for a particular tournament venue. Selecting "All Venues" from the Games by Venue tab will allow you to see a daily schedule for the full tournament.

When viewing tournament games from the Games By Venue tab, you can add any individual game to your schedule by clicking the Star icon below the game.

When viewing a team's schedule of games from the Teams tab, you can also click the Star icon to add a game to your schedule.

Each individual game that you Star will now be added to your schedule. As opposed to adding a Recruit to a Team or Following a Team, Starring games does NOT automatically populate a team's tournament games into your schedule as it advances. Starring a game only adds that individual game to your schedule.