If an Admin on your staff sets up your schedule ahead of time using the FastRecruit Web Portal, this article will be a good reference for how to view, organize, and add games to your pre-set schedule using the FastRecruit Mobile app.

Viewing Your Schedule

When you open the FastRecruit Mobile app, you will be taken immediately to the Schedule tab. This tab will contain all of the games currently added to your schedule by your Admin staff. You can use the left and right arrows next to the date at the top of the screen to switch between tourney dates, and then scroll through your games for each day. The "Search Games" box will allow you to search for games by team name or by Recruit name.

Prioritizing Games Using Stars

Each game in your schedule will feature a Star icon below the game. Starring a game allows you to add it to your priority schedule. This is a good way to mark games for your most important targets that you cannot miss, or to prioritize games when your schedule features multiple games starting at the same time. For each day of the tournament, you can filter your schedule down to just your most important, Starred games, but turning on the Starred Only filter near the top.

Adding Games on the Fly

In addition to the games that your Admin staff has added prior to the tournament, you can quickly add new games to your schedule by using the Tourney Tab. Please check out this article for the top three ways to add games on the fly.

Viewing Game Details

For any game in your schedule, you can click on the game to open the Game Details screen. From this screen you can get turn-by-turn directions to the game venue, you can add a Recruit to the game, or add Notes for a Recruit who is participating in the game.