Just like you can assign yourself to a tournament from the FastRecruit Web Portal, you also have the ability to edit and assign yourself to tournaments on the phone. 

Why It's Important

The notion of assigning coaches to tournaments is absolutely fundamental to how games are added to a coach's schedule, so it is imperative that coaches are correctly assigned to the tournaments they are attending. In order to add games from a tournament to your schedule, or receive updates to Recruits' schedules when they go to bracket play, you must be assigned to the tournament. If you leave a tournament early, you will likewise want to turn off your assignment for that tournament to no longer receive schedule updates for a tournament you are not at.

Adjusting Your Tournament Assignments

  • Click on your "Schedule" Tab.
  • In the top left corner there is a green book icon. Click on the book and a list of tournaments from the current recruiting session will appear. If it is not currently an active recruiting session, the tournaments for the upcoming session will be shown. Additionally, you will see the tournaments that you have already been assigned to from the FastRecruit Web Portal. 

In the example below, the coach is assigned to the Demo Pool2Bracket tournament as well as the Demo All Bracket tourney.

Changing Attendance Dates

  • To change the dates that you will be attending a tourney, simply click on either the blue "From:" or "To:" date, and a date menu will appear. Choose the correct date for your attendance. 

Adding or Removing Tournaments

  • To add or remove yourself from a tourney, simply slide the dial from on (furthest to the right and green showing) to off (furthest to the left and no green showing).