FastRecruit allows you to add photos for each of your Recruits. Use the steps below to add a photo from the FastRecruit Web portal.


Adding Photos from the Web Portal

Click on the Recruits tab to see your database of Recruits, and then click on the Recruit's name to open the Recruit Profile.

The Recruit Profile will open on the left side of the page for your selected Recruit. To edit the Recruit and add a photo, click the Edit Recruit button.

Locate and click on the gray circle where it says "Add Photo", and then click "Upload Photo".

Find the photo on your computer that you would like to use, and after pressing "choose" you will be prompted to crop the photo. Use the "Image Scale" slider to adjust the size of your photo, and click and drag the photo to re-center it. FastRecruit uses circle images, so any area of the photo outside of the circle area will be cropped out once you click the "Save" button.

Lastly, press "Save" again in the Recruit pane to finalize your changes. The added picture will now be visible to anyone on your staff using the FastRecruit Web portal or the FastRecruit Mobile app.