Need help filling out your compliance paper work after getting off the road? We have created a report that compiles a list of which tournaments your staff attended, and the corresponding dates, and populates that information into a .CSV spreadsheet export. This information is drawn from the tournaments that each coach was assigned to, either from the Web portal or from the Mobile app. If, upon review, your attendance report does not look correct, be sure to go back through your tournaments for the recruiting period and make sure each coach is assigned to the correct tournaments and for the correct dates.

Tourney Attendance Report

To access this report, click on the Reports Tab in the FastRecruit Web portal and select "Tourney Attendance" (not to be confused with "Game Attendance", which is a different report). From here you can search either by date range (e.g., July 4th through July 29) or by a specific user. Once you have filtered your report to your liking, click on the "Export Attendance Data" button in the top right corner to create your .CSV Export file.

The resulting spreadsheet will be formatted similar to the example below: