If you ever inadvertently delete a play from your library, or if you feel like a portion of your play library is missing, you can check your Local Backups Folder for previous copies of your save file, which may contain the information you are looking for.

Local Backups Folder

When you are working in FastDraw, your file will auto-save to your Local Backups folder every 5 minutes when it detects new changes to your save file. To examine the contents of your Local Backups, open the file menu from the top menu bar in FastDraw and select Import from Backup.




This will automatically take you to your Local Backups folder, where all of your available Backup files will be listed. You can sort these files by name, as they are named by date and time, or you can sort by Date Modified, both of which will allow you to see your files in chronological order. This can help you locate a file from when you last remember being able to access the plays or playbooks that you are looking for.




After you have selected a file, FastDraw will analyze the contents of the file and present you with the Import/Synchronize FastDraw Files menu.




Any plays that are highlighted in green are plays that are present in the older file, but not present in your current file. If you have deleted plays unintentionally or are looking for any plays that have gone missing, the plays marked in green are generally going to be the ones you are looking for. These plays will automatically be selected with a check mark next to each one. If you wish to import every play highlighted in green, simply click the Import of Synchronize Selected Plays button. If you want to individually select which plays to import, you can scroll through the list and check or un-check more plays.


Any plays highlighted in red are plays that are present in both the old file and the current file, but more recent changes have been made to the play in the current file, making the play marked in red out of date. You can check the Last Modified date listed to confirm when changes were made to the play in both the current file and the old file.