The Map tab is where you will do most of your navigating in FastRecruit Season Mode to locate games and recruits that you can visit and fit into your schedule. To get started, first select the date range of your trip to narrow down your focus to the most relevant information.

After you have selected your date range, your map will populate "clusters" of games from all over the country. These clusters will include only games involving a Recruit from your database, and the clusters will be formed automatically to include games within a reasonable distance of each other. These clusters will also be populated under the "Games" menu on the left side of the screen.


Filtering Results By Location

If you are targeting recruits from across the country, then you may want to use the search filters to narrow down your results and make them more digestible. One way to do this is to use the Location filter. Here you can select a city or state using the Location field, and then set a Search Radius to see results within a specific range.



When viewing your results in the Games section, any Recruits from your database who are playing in a cluster will be displayed in white text. Additionally, Recruits who do not have games during your filtered date range but who are located within 100 miles of the cluster (e.g., Recruit's high school is within 100 miles if interested in scheduling a visit), will be listed in yellow text.


Filtering Results By Specific Recruits

In addition to the Location filter, which is great for checking out what is happening nearby a city you will be in, you can also filter by any Recruit in your database to see that player's schedule, and to view any other players in the vicinity who you can also see during the same trip. Click the "Choose Specific Recruit(s)" to open the Recruit filter, and then type in the Recruit's name to search your database.



After searching for a Recruit, the Recruit will be highlighted in the Games section if they are playing any games during your selected date range.


If a Recruit is not playing in a game for the selected date range, instead you will be shown clusters of games that are located within 100 miles of the Recruit. The Recruit in this scenario will be highlighted in the "other recruits" list. This will allow you to select a Recruit that you are visiting, and then see available games in the area that you can check out during the same trip.


Filtering Results By Category, Class, Position 

Your last search filter option is to use your set Category, Class, or Position labels, or to narrow down Recruits with or without Notes taken within FastRecruit. These are all located within the Category Options section.


Using the Map to Schedule Events

Once you have located a cluster that you are interested in, you can select the cluster by clicking on the cluster within the Games menu, or by clicking on the cluster on the map.


Games taking place within the selected cluster will be shown as pins containing a basketball icon inside. Each game will also be listed on the left side of the screen. Hovering the mouse over any game on the map will bring up more information about the game.



To add a game to your schedule, you can click the Schedule Star on the left side of the screen. Or you can click on a pin on the map, and then click the star icon that appears in the game info screen.



When a game is scheduled, it will be added to the High School Season section of your FastRecruit Mobile App (download here) . It will also be added to your Calendar within FastRecruit Web. A more detailed calendar is available from the Schedule tab, but after adding a game you will also get a quick view of your calendar and your added games.


You can close out of the Calendar by clicking the X in the top right corner. If you ever wish to return to this quick view Calendar, you can do so by clicking the green tab near the top of the map.


Date Filters
While you have a cluster selected to view, you can narrow games down even further to the exact date or dates by using the Date Filters, located just above the Games listing.



Selecting Other Recruits and Adding Events
When you have a cluster selected, in addition to scheduling games, you can view other Recruits within a 100 mile radius who are not playing during your selected data range, but whose high schools are close enough for you to potentially visit. All of your Recruits within this radius will be listed on the left side of the screen, where you can select individual Recruits, or click Select All to view everyone who is in range. The selected Recruits will then appear on your map as green pins. Remember, games on your map will contain a basketball icon within the pin, while other Recruits will be shown as pins without the basketball icon.


Just like you can schedule a Game to add it to your Calendar, you can also schedule an Event to add a visit to your Calendar. This can be done by clicking the calendar icon next to a Recruit's name, or by clicking on a pin on the map, and then clicking the calendar icon.


After clicking the Schedule Event icon, the Add Event menu will appear. Here you can customize an Event that will be added to your calendar. The selected Recruit will automatically be added to the Event, along with the Recruit's high school address. You can adjust this location, if desired, and you can adjust the date, time, duration, and the color of the pin that will appear on the map. The Event Name field can be used to identify what kind of event it is, such as an Open Gym. Lastly, add an additional staff members who will be attending this event, if necessary. Once you have saved the Event, it will appear in your Calendar alongside any schedules Games.


Use these techniques to navigate the schedules of your Recruits throughout the season, and to add Games and Events to your Calendar. When you are ready to take a more detailed look at your schedule within FastRecruit Web, head over to the Schedule tab.