Once you have added Games or Events to your schedule in FastRecruit, those events will be available to view in your FastRecruit mobile app. If you also rely heavily on an external calendar such as iCal, Google Calendars, or Outlook, then FastRecruit also gives you the ability to export your calendar to any of those locations.

iPhone Calendar | Mac Calendar | Google Calendar | Outlook

iPhone Calendar

To export your schedule to the Calendar app on your iPhone, begin by clicking the iCal Feed icon in FastRecruit.


In the iCal Feed menu, you will see two options- My Events and Staff Events. Choose if you would like to connect simply your events to your iPhone or if you would like to connect all of the staffs scheduled events. Once you have decided, click the Share icon. This will open your e-mail provider and prompt you to send an e-mail. Enter your own e-mail address, and you will be sent an e-mail containing the calendar URL that you will use to add the calendar to your phone. After opening the e-mail message on your phone, copy and paste the URL contained in the e-mail, as you will need to add the address to your Calendar settings. You can also click on the small book icon next to the Share button to copy the URL to your Clipboard.





To access your Calendar settings, open the Settings app on your phone, then choose Calendar. Next, click the Accounts button at the top. In this Accounts menu, click the Add Account option.


After selecting to add an account, from the list of available account types choose Other. Next, choose to add a Subscribed Calendar. Lastly, paste in your URL in the Server field. Once your URL has been added, choose Next at the top of the screen, then select Save to update your calendar.

iPhone%20Add%20Other%20Account.jpg iPhone%20Add%20Subscribed%20Calendar.jpg iPhone%20Server%20Address.jpg

Now that your calendar has been added, open the Calendar app to see your events added.


Click on any entry to view the details of the Game or Event, and you can click on the address within your event to access directions from your current location with Apple Maps.


iPhone Calendar Refresh Rate

Your iPhone Calendar is not able to refresh real time, so any time you add a new Game or Event to your calendar in FastRecruit, your iPhone Calendar will not update immediately, as it must refresh first. This refresh will occur automatically, but if you wish to speed it along, simply open your Calendar and select the button at the bottom that says Calendars. In this menu, pull down on the screen to initiate a refresh.

Mac Calendar

To add your calendar feed to the Calendar app on your Mac computer, open the app and click the File menu from the top menu bar, then select New Calendar Subscription.


You will now be prompted to add your calendar URL. You can get this URL from FastRecruit simply by clicking the iCal Feed icon. You will then have the opportunity to copy and paste your URL from the iCal Feed menu.


After adding your URL, you will be able to adjust the name and color of your calendar feed. Most importantly, however, is that the Calendar app allows you to adjust how frequently your calendar will auto-refresh with new information. We recommend changing your setting from the default setting of Every Week to something more frequent, such as Every 5 Mins.


Google Calendars

To add your calendar feed to your Google Calendar, click the iCal Feed icon in FastRecruit, then copy and paste the provided URL.



Now in your Google Calendar, click the arrow next to Other calendars, then select Add by URL. Here you will be able to copy and paste in your FastRecruit URL.


Google Calendar Refresh Rate

Google calendar feeds will refresh once every 24 hours, so any items added to your calendar in FastRecruit may take up to 24 hours to show up in your Google Calendar.


To add your calendar feed to Outlook, begin by clicking the iCal Feed icon in FastRecruit, which will allow you to copy your calendar URL.

After copying your calendar URL, you can follow these steps for adding a subscribed calendar into Outlook.

Exporting into Teamworks

Teamworks allows you to sync your calendar into their calendar function using either Google or Outlook. 

1) Export your schedule out of FastRecruit like the above directions show.

2) Add that to either your Google or Outlook calendars. Directions are above and help docs are found here.

3) Head inside of Teamworks and click on Calendar, then Settings. From there follow the directions on Teamworks website to sync your calendar that now has the FR HS schedule with your Teamworks calendar.