The Schedule tab will be used for a number of different actions. 

1) After you have added games to your schedule from the Search view, you can use the Schedule view to see a detailed summary of your upcoming schedule of Games and Events.

2) You can use the Schedule Tab see all the Events or Games that your co-workers have scheduled

3) You can use the Schedule Tab see all the Events or Games that are taking place on any day, any month, or any date range. 

Calendar Layout

Your calendar can be viewed by Day, Week, or Month. You can select which view you would like to use by clicking the "D", "W", or "M" buttons in the top left corner.

Using Event FIlters for your Calendar
The number of events displayed in your calendar can be controlled using the event filters on the left side of the screen, which work in a very similar manner to the Search Tab filters. In addition to the standard Location, Recruits, and Category Options filters, you will see a new View filter, with the options for My Events, Staff Events, and All Events. By default, your filter will be set to All Events, which means your calendar will display every Game or Event for your selected recruits, regardless of whether or not you have added any of those recruits' games to your schedule.


Switching to My Events will reduce the listed events in your calendar to only games that you have scheduled yourself to attend. Selecting Staff Events will list both the events that you are scheduled to attend, along with any events that other staff members are scheduled to attend, but unscheduled games will not be shown for any of your selected recruits.


Lastly, you can use the checkbox to the left of any recruit's name to individually select or de-select recruits to be shown on the calendar. When you hover your mouse above a recruit, you will also be able to click the icon to the right of the recruit's name to quickly isolate your calendar to that recruit only.


View and Edit Events: Day and Week Views

From the Daily or Weekly calendar views, you can click on any game, then choose Edit to view and edit the details of the event. This can include adding attendees to the event, or changing the color of the event to highlight it within the calendar.

View and Edit Events: Month View

When viewing your calendar in the Month view, each day's events will be divided into Games (either all games, or only scheduled games, as determined by your View filter), scheduled Appointments, and Recruits. Clicking on the Games link for any day will display any games for that date. With the View filter set to All Events, you will see games separated into Scheduled and Unscheduled games. Clicking the star next to any Unscheduled game will add it to your schedule, while clicking on any game will open the Edit Event menu.


Clicking the Recruits tab will bring up a list of the recruits who will be playing on the selected date. To set up an appointment for any of the listed recruits, click on the calendar icon to the right of the recruit's name. In the appointment menu you will be able to choose the date and time that you would like to schedule an appointment for to visit the recruit.


List View

In addition to the standard calendar view of your schedule, you can switch to a List View of your games by clicking the list icon in the upper left.


In addition to the event filters listed on the left side of the screen, you will also use the date filters located along the top to select the range of events that you would like displayed in your list view. For any game listed, you can click the star icon to schedule yourself as an attendee, or you can click the 3 dots to reveal that Actions menu. From here you can edit an event, invite other staff members to attend, or delete the game from your schedule.

Export to iCal

While all of your added Schedule information will be conveniently available for you to view from your FastRecruit Mobile app, you also have the option to export a feed of the calendar to an external location, such as your iPhone calendar, Mac calendar, Google Calendars, or Outlook. More information on exporting to each of these external calendar apps can be found here.


Export to CSV

This Schedule can also be exported as a CSV file and opened in Excel, or a similar spreadsheet program. Click the Export to CSV icon to begin your Export.


The columns for your CSV export will include all of the available fields in the Edit Event menu, such as the Event Name, Date, Time, Location, Recruits, and Staff.