As we have moved through gathering data for each team within FastRecruit Season Mode, we have noticed that for teams with a large number of mapped high schools, your clusters and information can get drowned out by "noise". We don't want you to miss seeing your important recruits because your view was cluttered by unnecessary recruits and unnecessary High School schedules. By introducing the "Get Schedule?" button, this will both help you as a staff see your important information better, and also allows us as a company to focus on the most important schools out there. 

Marking your most important schedules for us to retrieve for you can be done in one of two ways.

Option #1

  • Click on the Recruits tab on FastRecruit Web
  • You will see a column "GS?"
  • For any schedule that you are truly interested in, toggle that players "GS?" column to on (green). In the example below, we will get the schedules for Susan Bird and Buster Bluth but we will NOT for Gob Bluth or J'Raan Brooks.

Option #2 

  • Click on the Recruits tab on FastRecruit Web
  • Click on a specific recruit
  • Click "Edit Recruit" and you will see a "Get Schedule?" button. 
  • Toggle that on (green) for us to get that recruits HS schedule and leave it off if you don't need that schedule. 


Important to Note:

You can toggle the 'Get Schedules?' button on/off for a Recruit on at any point at the year. We will look every morning to see recruits that are flagged (toggled "on") today that were not flagged yesterday. Additionally, you can always call support to let us know that you added a recruit to your "need HS schedule" and we will be sure to hop on getting that schedule. 

If you click "on" for a recruit's "GS?" and their schedule immediately populates, this will indicate that that school's schedule has been previously verified and is already available to you in all areas of FastRecruit HS.