FastRecruit has two distinct modes that offer views and features to maximize your efficiency during different parts of the recruiting season: Season Mode and Tourney Mode.

Season Mode helps coaches keep up with recruits during their High School season, including state playoffs. You can access Season Mode on the Mobile App by selecting 'Season View' from the 'More' menu.

Once Season View has been opened, click on the Recruits tab to browse a list of the recruits in your database. By clicking the "Recruits with Games" tab, you can use the left and right arrows to look through upcoming dates and see which of your recruits are playing on any specific date. In the example below, 6 recruits have games schedules for December 5th.

To return at any time back to a full list of your recruits, click the "All Recruits" tab.

With either the "All Recruits" or "Recruits with Games" tabs activated, you can also use the Search box to search for any recruit, grad year, or category tags to narrow down and locate the exact recruit or game you are looking for.

Once you have located a recruit that you are interested in, click on the recruit's name to open the recruit's profile. In addition to the standard profile information, such as Class, Position, Category, and Notes, you can now also view High School information for the recruit, including the high school address and schedule. To access the full recruit's schedule, click the "Recent & Upcoming Events" drop-down. You can star any games on the recruit's schedule to prioritize them on your schedule.