FastRecruit has two distinct modes that offer views and features to maximize your efficiency during different parts of the recruiting season: Season Mode and Tourney Mode.

Season Mode helps coaches keep up with recruits during their High School season, including state playoffs. You can access Season Mode on the Mobile App by selecting 'Season View' from the 'More' menu.

The Nearby screen will allow you to search for games, appointments, and High Schools (in which you have a mapped, GS'd recruit).


At the top of the screen you will see the words "Current Location", and clicking on that will allow you to search different areas across the country. Fundamentally, the app works best if you allow us to access your location so we can automatically fill in your location here. To allow us to access your location, head to your iPhone's settings and scroll down until you see the FastRecruit app. Click on it and make sure that for "Location" you at least have it tuned to "While Using the app". Additionally, please turn the "Contact" button to "On" (showing green). 

You can choose a location, a search radius and a date range (date range can be a maximum of 7 days) for your search. Once you have filled out your criteria, click the "Search" button.



Finding Games

After searching you will see all the games taking place given your search criteria. Games are marked by blue pins. 

Your Starred/Scheduled games will be marked as yellow pins.


Clicking on a specific game will pull up a Game Detail Screen, which will include more information about that game (Time, Date, Location, Recruit, and who is attending). To invite other coaches on your staff to the game, click on the Invite Coach icon in the bottom right corner: 



Finding Other Opportunities

After looking at the games that interest you, you can also look to see what recruits of yours are mapped to High Schools with that search criteria. Toggling the "Show Recruits" button to on (so you can see the green), will place green pins on the map. Those green pins represent the HS of your mapped recruits, while blue pins represent games and yellow pins represent starred/scheduled games.


From here you can schedule an appointment with any listed recruit by clicking on the calendar icon next to their name:


Scheduling an appointment on the phone is the same process as it is on the FR web portal. Fill out the appointment name, date, location, guests, and select a color for the appointment (see below). 


At the bottom of the Nearby tab are buttons to "Filter List" and "Hide List". The "Filter List" function allows you search your list of games to pinpoint certain recruits. 

Filter List:


Hide List: The Hide List function allows you to see only the map and not the list of recruits associated with those pins.