Printing a monthly schedule of your starred events, your staff's starred events or all events taking place is now easy within the FastRecruit Schedule tab.

Make sure you are on Season Mode and head over to the Schedule tab. From there choose which set of events you would like to print (My Events, Staff Events, or All Events). Additionally, you will choose between a daily view, a weekly view or a month view. Then click the Print button in the top right corner. 


After pressing print a pop-up menu will appear giving you a list of options, including font size, how to show any recruits' names, if you want to color code the recruits by their class, and which coach is attending. Once you have made your selections click the "Generate Report" button. IMPORTANT: it may take a few moments for the report to be generated, especially if you selected All Events. Do not panic, as it might appear frozen but is still working. 



After the report generates you will be prompted with the following message:



  • Each browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc) prints differently. We recommend Chrome.
  • You might need to manipulate your specific printer settings. For example, on Chrome in order to print the recruit's year as color coordinated, you will need to click on the Print button above and select "More Settings", and then check Background Graphics. (See below)
  • If you have an ad-blocker program like Ad Blocker or U Block, you will need to disable it in order to see the above Report generation note that allows you to print.