If you find an updated schedule or specific game details that differ from our default schedule, we have given you the option to update any scheduled game. 

In an example scenario, we have a game set to be played between Floyd Central HS and Ballard HS on January 3rd at 7:30 PM in Ballard's home gym (6000 Brownsboro Rd. in Louisville, KY). The recruit you are following on Ballard HS calls you to let know that the game has been reschedule to be played at Floyd Central's gym because there was a flood at Ballard's court. You can update that information on the game details screen, allowing all of your coaching staff to see the update. 

This process of overriding game details is available on both the FastRecruit Web Portal and the FastRecruit mobile app.

Edit Game Details - FastRecruit Web

To edit a game from the Month view on the Schedule tab, click on any game to open the Edit Event menu. Alternatively, you can edit a game from the Week or Day views of the Schedule tab. Click on any scheduled game to see more details, and then click the Edit button to open the Edit Event menu.


Edit Event Menu

To make changes to the selected game, simply start typing in the new date, time, or address. If you are editing the Location for the game, you do not need to delete the listed address. Simply begin typing within the Location field and the previous address will disappear. Any edits that you make to the event and Save will subsequently be shown in green on your schedule. This will alert you and your staff members to the fact that that Game's details have been updated by someone on staff.

Resetting - If you need to revert back to our original Game details for any reason, simply click the "Reset" button at the bottom of the page.

Viewing Edits on FastRecruit Mobile

Any changes you made in the FastRecruit Web Portal will also be highlighted in green on the phone. These highlights will appear anywhere the game details are shown, such as Day view, Agenda view, within a recruit's full list of high school games, or by clicking on the individual game as shown below. 


Additionally, any edits made to the game's Location will change where that game's pin is located on the Nearby tab. The game below was originally scheduled to be played in Kentucky, but an edit to the game's location has now moved the pin to Los Angeles, CA.


Edit Event on FastRecruit Mobile

Anywhere that you can view Game details within FastRecruit mobile app, you can click the Edit button to change game information as necessary. Use the available drop down menus to change the Date, Time, or Duration, or type in a new address to edit the game's location.


To reset any changes you have made to a game, click the red "X" next to any value to revert it back to its original setting.