After clicking the FastScout icon, the program does not start, and no error message is returned.

If nothing is happening when you click the icon to open FastScout, and you are not receiving any error message in return, this usually indicates an insufficient amount of memory available to start FastScout. When you start FastScout, it is programmed to request a certain amount of dedicated memory from your computer, and will not open if it does not receive enough free memory.


Freeing Up Memory for FastScout

The first thing that you can do to fix this issue is close any other programs that you have running as you try to open FastScout. This could include other software, such as FastDraw or Microsoft Word, or also your web browser, which consumes a good amount of memory. Once you have closed as many other programs as possible, try opening FastScout again. Once your program opens successfully, you can go ahead and reopen any other programs that you wish to use.


Restarting your computer is another available option that will generally free up a sizeable amount of memory on your computer.


Setting FastScout to Request Less Memory

If closing other programs on your computer does not free up enough memory to open FastScout, you can make a simple change to FastScout which will make it request less memory upon startup. This option is available for both PC and Mac computers.


To begin, navigate to your FastScout installation folder, which will be at the following location: C:/Users/FastModel/FastScout/Basketball. Within this folder, locate the file named "FastScout.vmoptions". This file can be opened on a PC computer using the Notepad program, or on a Mac computer using the TextEdit program.




The vmoptions file contains the default memory settings that FastScout uses. To reduce the maximum memory amount that FastScout will request upon startup, locate the "Xmx" listing in the bottom of this file.




To adjust this setting, first delete the "#" at the beginning, then adjust the number within this line down to "900". This result will look similar to below.



Now that your setting has been changed, click the FIle menu in your text editing program and select Save to save your changes. You can now close the vmoptions file and attempt to open FastScout again.