FastRecruit has two distinct modes that offer views and features to maximize your efficiency during different parts of the recruiting season: Season Mode and Tourney Mode.

Season Mode helps coaches keep up with recruits during their High School season, including state playoffs. You can access Season Mode on the Mobile App by selecting 'Season View' from the 'More' menu.

The "All Games" tab in the FastRecruit Mobile app is similar to the "Schedule" tab in FastRecruit Web, in that it allows you to see the full slate of upcoming games for all recruits that you are following. Any game in the schedule can be "starred" to be added to your personal schedule, or you can drill into any game to invite other staff members to attend the game, as well.

List View

From the All Games tab, you have the option to choose between List View and Month (calendar) View. Within List view, you can use the left or right arrows to flip through each date, select the date itself to pull up a monthly calendar, or you can simply scroll up or down through your list to see upcoming or past days. When flipping through dates, only dates on which a game is being played will be listed, so if a date is skipped this will indicate to you that there are no scheduled games on that date.

From this view, any game that you identify as a game of interest/game you wish to attend, can be added to your personal schedule by clicking the Star icon next to the game. Alternatively, you can click on any game to drill further into the game details, where you will also have the option to add the game to your schedule.

When you have selected a game from your list to view its details, you will see a map of the game's location, along with the address for the venue. To receive driving directions to the venue (based on your current location), click the car icon.

Further down in this game details screen you can view any recruits playing in the selected game. Clicking on the recruit will take you to that recruit's profile, where you can view the full season schedule of games for that recruit by clicking "Show High School Game Schedule".

At the bottom of this screen, you will have additional options to invite more attendees (other staff members) to add the game to their schedules, you can mark a game as "Attended" to include it in an attendance report, or you can click the Star icon to add the game to your schedule.

Month View

Your other view option from the All Games tab is the Month View, which gives you a calendar overview of the selected month, and how many games are occurring on each day. The number next to the basketball icon indicates how many total games are scheduled for that date, while the number next to the star icon indicates how many games from that date have been added to your personal schedule. Clicking on any date will return you to List View, where you will be focused on that day's schedule.