Below are steps to take to clean up your Recruit list in FastRecruit.

Before you delete recruits within FastRecruit we suggest you take the below steps. Doing steps 1 & 2 will back-up your work in case you need to access it ever again and step 3 is the fastest way to delete old recruits.

1. Exporting a list of your Recruits:
Click on the Bulk Actions button and select Export Recruits. Confirm in the next window by clicking Export Recruits once again, and a .csv file will be sent to your downloads folder. You now have a master list of all your recruits as a backup should you ever need to re-add someone.


2. Exporting your Notes on Recruits:

Go to the Reports tab in the top menu bar of FastRecruit and select Notes. Next click on the Export Notes button on the right side of the screen. The next window gives you the option to choose Sort By Recruits or Sort By Most Recent for your .csv file.


3. Deleting Recruits:

Deleting an individual recruit is easy - simply check the box to the left of the Recruits name and then click the red Delete button that appears to the right of the Position filter. Click "Yes, Delete Them" to confirm you want this recruit removed from your list.

You can also mass delete recruits by class, category, and/or position (for example, if you already signed the PG's you needed, your can delete all the other 2017 PG's. Do this by selecting the category you want to filter your list by, and then click on the Bulk Actions button and choose Delete All.

Click "Delete All" in the pop up window to confirm you want to remove these recruits from your list permanently.