**Please note that this article touches on certain functionality that is only available to FastRecruit Team or FastRecruit Connect subscribers. Read more about the difference between these here. Please contact our sales team to learn more sales@fastmodelsports.com.**

Social media has become a huge part of the recruiting process. Keeping up with recruit's social media profiles, their parents & coaches, as well as what others are saying/posting about recruits is all a part of this new era in recruiting. FastRecruit has some great features to help you stay connected to everything that's happening with your recruits on social media.

Adding Social Media/Contact Info:

1. To add social media links or other contact information, first select a recruit from the Recruits tab, then select 'Edit':

2. Next, select 'Add Contact Info':

3. You'll first be prompted to select a 'Type'. You'll see 5 icons available. Select the appropriate icon:


4. In the 'Label' field, enter the name that should appear in FastRecruit for this link (i.e. James' Profile, Coach's E-mail, etc.). In

    In the 'Value' field, enter the actual profile handle, search term, e-mail address or phone number.

    In the example below, I added a recruit's personal twitter profile:

    See below for a few examples of what can be added. Parent's social media accounts, coach's phone numbers, or twitter searches can all be saved to a recruit's profile.

5. After you've added social/contact information to a recruit, you'll see icons illuminated under the 'Contact/Social' column as seen below:

6. Selecting the 'Mail' icon will bring up any e-mail addresses you have saved. The 'Phone' icon will pull up any phone numbers, and the 'Social' icon will pull up any twitter profiles and searchers, as well as instagram profiles.

Selecting any of the blue links for e-mail or phone will launch the default application on your computer to send e-mails or make phone calls, respectively.

Selecting a twitter or instagram link will launch to twitter.com or instagram.com, respectively.