**Please note that this article touches on certain functionality that is only available to FastRecruit Team or FastRecruit Connect subscribers. Read more about the difference between these here. Please contact our sales team to learn more sales@fastmodelsports.com.**

One of the best features of FastRecruit is giving you a centralized place to stay connected to the recruits you are following all year round. Depending on which level of FastRecruit your team is subscribed to, you'll be able to interact with your recruits directly from the mobile app. All FastRecruit subscribers can add the following contact information to your recruits:

  • Phone Numbers
  • E-Mail Addresses
  • Twitter Handles
  • Twitter Searches
  • Instagram Handles

In FastRecruit, you can add multiple values for any of the above categories. This means that in addition to adding the recruit's personal phone number or Twitter handle, you can add parents and coaches information too.

To add contact information from the phone, locate the recruit from the 'Recruits' tab, then select 'Edit'.

  Locate the category you'd like to add, and select the field. Next, you'll see a place to type in the 'Label' (i.e. Joe's Profile) and the Handle. Labeling the account will allow you to add multiple of each (Dad's Twitter, AAU Team Twitter, etc.)


If contact info has already been added for a certain category, you can always select 'Add Contact/Social Info' to add more. Doing so will bring up a prompt asking which type of contact you would like to add:


FastRecruit Standard

FastRecruit Standard subscribers will be able to send e-mails, texts or phone calls directly from the FastRecruit Mobile app. Selecting any of the 3 icons highlighted below will bring up the saved contact information. In the example below, I selected the phone call icon, which brought up any saved phone numbers I had for this recruit. Selecting any phone number would then let me call the recruit, coach or parent directly from the app.


FastRecruit Team

FastRecruit Team subscribers have the added bonus of linking directly to Twitter or Instagram profiles from the mobile app. Select the 'Social' icon to pull up any saved Twitter or Instagram profiles/searches. Selecting any of the links seen below on the right will launch to Twitter.com or Instagram.com.


FastRecruit Connect

FastRecruit Connect subscribers get the added bonus of the 'Connect' features which brings your recruit's social media interactions right into the FastRecruit mobile app. After selecting a recruit list from the home tab, you'll see a 'Connect' icon to the right of each recruit. The icon will be illuminated in blue if there is at least one social media profile or search saved to the recruit. The icon will appear gray if no profiles or searches have been added.

Selecting the social icon will show the recruit's feed, which combines all of the social media content you have saved to the recruit's profile. This could include tweets and Instagram posts by the recruit or their parents/coaches, tweets that match saved Twitter searches, retweets, mentions and more.

The social media posts seen in the feed are broken down into 3 categories and are color-coded accordingly:

Direct Posts - twitter or instagram posts from any profiles linked to the recruit (recruit, parent, coach, etc.). These posts will display in blue.

Shares - posts on twitter that were retweeted or liked by any twitter profiles linked to the recruit. Also shows posts on instagram that have been liked by any profile linked to the recruit. These posts will display in yellow.

Chatter - posts on twitter that match any saved twitter searches you have linked to the recruit, or twitter posts that mention a twitter handle linked to the recruit. These posts will display in white.

Back on the recruit list, you can select the 'Feed' tab which shows you a combined social media feed for all recruits in your list. This feature will save coaches tons of time that they are currently spending on various social media applications following recruits and their networks.

Selecting the link at the bottom of each post will launch to Twitter.com or Instagram.com. You can navigate back to FastRecruit by selecting FastRecruit in the top-left corner as seen below.