To create a new scouting report, navigate to the Scouts tab and select the New Scouting Report button.

First, name the report and select your opponent, either from the upcoming games box or from the opponent team drop down menu. In the opponent team drop down menu, you have the option to choose NCAA DI, DII, or DIII teams as well as a Non-NCAA option. Next, make sure the game date is set correctly. Stats will only populate up until the date you set for the game on the scouting report. Then, select the Template Type. This controls the set of tiles that you start with on the scouting report. You'll be able to create and save your own templates as you go. Choose from a Blank Template or any Saved Templates you have created.

After creating any scout, you can use the top toolbar for a wide range of functionalities (Change game date, enter presenter mode, create/update template, duplicate your scout, print/save as PDF, and reference support tools).