Change Theme/Header Design:

To edit the appearance of your scout, select the Design tab in the upper left hand corner of ScoutBuilder.

In the Design tab, you can select a Theme and page Layout for your scout.  When you choose a specific theme, it will apply to the entire scout.

Once you've selected a theme, you will be able to edit the header. You can choose between having the opponent's logo, both your team's logo and the opponent's logo, or just your team's logo. You can also Toggle On the opponent's record. After the first page or just on page one, you can select whether the scout shows the full-size header, a skinny version of the header, or no header at all.

(New skinny header after first page shown below)

Users have the ability to customize the text in the header for each individual scout. Double click into the header to rename.

The colors of the scout can be adjusted under the Color section of the Design tab.  In the Colors section, you can select between your own team's Primary or Secondary color, as well as the opponent's Primary or Secondary color. Accent Color affects the color of each tile's header. Users can also input their own hex color code should the desired color be different than what is displayed. You can also adjust the shading of the rows via toggling the variations under the Table Row Accent.