The color and text size of any Tile Headers, Tables, or Statistical tiles can be altered. To adjust the header size, click the three-dot menu, and select "Tile Formatting". Then, select Header Size and adjust the slider. 

To change header color or background, select from one of the pre-set colors (based off your teams primary and secondary colors, the opponent's primary and secondary colors, black, and white). You can also type in a hex color code to enter a custom color too. The same options are available for size and color for the data within any given tile under "Text Size" and "Text Color".

It is also possible to change the size or color of any text in a text or stats/custom table tile, although the process will differ slightly. 

Text Tiles:

Clicking into a text tile will bring up a formatting menu with options to adjust formatting (bold, italics, underline), font size, coloring, and more.

Stats/Custom Tables:

With stats or custom tables, each individual cell, row, or column can be edited in terms of format and color changes. Click into any cell to select it. To choose a single row or column, click on the tab to the left or top, respectively. After selecting, use the format menu above to make changes.