The Team Stats tile has the following NINE Team Stat options:

1. FastScout Factors  Learn more about Four Factors here.

2. FastScout Factors Chart Chart view of the Four Factors.

3. Points per Period - Points Scored and Allowed per period.

4. Team Pace - Number of possessions per game.

5. Team Pace Chart - Chart view of possessions per game.

6. Individual Boxscore - Box score for a single game.

7. Cumulative Box Score - Cumulative box score for a set of games.

8. Team Stat Comparison - Cumulative stats table showing team and opponent's stats.

9. Team Stat Splits - Cumulative stats table customizable by type of games/situations.


For the following tiles, you can choose between opponent stats or your OWN team stats by clicking the down arrow next to the team.

  • Points Per Period
  • Individual Boxscore
  • Cumulative Boxscore
  • Team Stat Comparison
  • Team Stat Splits
  • Clutch Stats
  • Personnel

Team Rankings show a statistical comparison of your opponent, or your team across a conference or all NCAA teams. College teams can toggle between the conference and D-1 rankings. Rankings are currently available for the following tiles: 

  • Four Factors
  • Team Pace
  • Team Advanced Stats

FastScout Factors

After clicking on the selection, the Games and Options tab display. The Games tab allows you to filter by Conference, Nonconference, Home, Away, Wins, Losses, your Previous Games Against the Opponent, and the team's Last "X" number of games. Toggle to the previous season by sliding the toggle to "Last Season". Games will appear greyed out because you are confined to the predetermined filters. 



After selecting the specific filters, click the Options tab. This previews the information before adding the tile, with the option to include/omit certain columns, and re-organize existing columns. College teams can toggle between the conference and D-1 rankings. Rankings are currently available across D1 or Conference. Rankings will now show colors according to new rules: Top 33% = Green, Middle 33% = Gray, Bottom 33% = Red. Previously the rules were top 25%, middle 50%, bottom 25%

Four Factors Chart

The Four Factors Chart Games and Options tabs operate the same as the regular Four Factors. Use the dropdown to choose which Four Factors statistic you would like displayed in the chart.

Points per Period

Points per Period has two tabs. In the Games tab, you can select the individual games or splits you would like to use for your report. The Sample tab will display a preview of the tile. Overtime stats can be shown by toggling the "Show Overtime Periods" button in the bottom right.


Team Pace

In Team Pace, there is an additional Options tab, where you can include/omit certain comparisons, and arrange the order in which they appear.

Team Pace Chart

Team Pace Chart has all the same options as Team Pace, but the Sample tab previews the chart version.

Individual/Cumulative Boxscore

You must select one game.

In the Options tab, you can

  • Choose specific stats included in the box score
  • Choose between Average Stats or Per 40 Stats (players averages calculated to if they played the full 40 minutes of a game)
  • Display stats as whole numbers or with decimals
  • Arrange column order by dragging/dropping stats
  • Toggle stats between Average and Total by clicking on them under 'Arrange Column Order'. 
  • Hide players, you do not want display in the box score

For any box score in FastScout, sort by clicking on the column header, which is denoted by a small arrow next to the column header. In the example below, I have clicked on MIN to sort by minutes played.

Click the Settings button highlighted below to adjust any settings:

Cumulative BoxScore

Cumulative box score for a set of games. Select which players you want to display in the boxscore by going to the Player Tab. The sample tab shows a preview of the tile.

Team Stat Comparison

The Team Stat Comparison is an overall stats comparison between the opponent and your teams. 

Team Stat Splits

Team Stat Splits give teams the ability to compare major statistical categories between types of games/situations (Last 5, Wins/Losses, Home/Away, etc.). You can choose any of these categories for "Offensive Splits" (The Opponent You Are Scouting) and "Defensive Splits" (Against The Opponent You Are Scouting).

In the Stats tab, you can re-arrange the order in which the stat rows appear.