Shot Charts give users the ability to graphically view all shots a team or player has taken across a season, a game, or any split.

To create a shot chart, select the shot chart in the Tiles section. Here, you are able to create a shot chart for an individual player or a full team, both offensively and defensively. A shot chart can be presented in three types (Dots, Zone, or Make/Miss).

Player Chart:


 Offensive & Defensive Team Charts:

Clutch Shot Charts:

The Shot Chart tile also allows for certain "Clutch" parameters that you can choose to define, as opposed to all plays during a game. You can toggle those on using the Clutch Stat Controls section as seen below.

Next, select the Games tab which allows you to filter by All Games, Last # Games, Conference, Nonconference, Home, Away, Wins, Loses, your Previous Games Against the Opponent, or a custom selection of games. Toggle to the previous season by selecting the drop down menu in the upper righthand corner.