Under the Scouts tab, the second tab is a "Self Scouts" tab. This will display every scout you've created for your own team. This can be filtered by date of the game or author, and can be sorted from either earliest to latest, or latest to earliest.

On each Report, you will be able to see who prepared the report, when it was last modified, and if has been pushed to mobile. 

On each scout, you can also check the status column to see the state of each scout. You can scroll over the icons in the status column to see who, if anyone, has edited or locked a scout.

  • Available - The report is not being edited by yourself or any other coach
  • Editing - You are currently editing the scout
  • Locked - Another coach is actively editing the report, which means other coaches cannot access the ability to edit the scout at the same time, and can only be view in "Read-Only" Mode
  • Mobile Access Enabled - The scout has been made available to at least one staff member or player for them to view on their mobile app.