What is Simultaneous Editing?

- Simultaneous Editing in FastScout gives users the ability to have multiple coaches working within one scout at the same time, down to the tile level. 

How Does it Work?

- Check out our video example here: Simultaneous Editing in Action

- Users in the scout will receive notifications when the game date is changed.

- Users are able to edit different tiles or different pages within the same scout, simultaneously. Editing is locked on a per-tile basis. Users will notice a '[Insert Name] is editing.' alert and lock over a tile when another user is editing a specific tile. 

What happens if someone else deletes my information from a scout?

Users will still be able to restore backups and access old versions of each scout if something accidentally gets deleted by another user and the coach would like to restore a previous version of the scout.

Can I take a scout offline?

- Yes, coaches will still be able to take their scouts offline, however, only one coach will be able to edit that scout offline - once a coach has taken a scout offline it will be locked and unavailable to other coaches.

How many coaches can edit a scout at once?

As many as you want! There is no limit to the number of coaches that can edit a scout at the same time

Can players view scouting reports while coaches are editing them?

Yes, if the scout has been shared to players, they can view the scout in read-only mode while other coaches are editing the scout