As a coach in FastScout, you can create Player Scouts that focus one one or more players across any set of teams and leagues. This is a great way to browse players across teams and leagues, research statistics, shot charts and video, and create professional-reports to share with your players and staff.

Users with the Scout role will see a Player Scouts page available in FastScout. Your list of player scouts can be filtered by season or author.

For each Report, you will be able to see who prepared the report, when it was last modified, and if has been pushed to mobile. 

When creating or editing a Player Scout, you can add player-specific tiles available such as Personnel tiles and Shot Charts.

You can browse or search for players to quickly add personnel tiles or shot chart tiles to a scout for players across teams and leagues.

As with all our Personnel tiles you can customize splits, stats, shot charts and more!

Search Players:

Browse Players:

note: to access player scouts, you will need the 'Scout' role assigned. Your account admin can do this via the admin portal: