**Please note that only users who are marked as administrators can log-in to the admin portal. If you need to be marked as an administrator, please contact our support team: support@fastmodelsports.com**

Each team who uses at least one FastModel application has access to the admin portal where you can manage coaches on your staff, access to each FastModel application, assign new passwords, and more.  

Log-in to the admin portal here: account.fastmodelsports.com

After logging in, you'll see a summary page like the one below. Take note of which applications your team subscribes to, the users on your current account, and which applications each user has access to:

To add a new user, first select Add User. Enter the user's name and e-mail address and name. Then, choose the product seats for that user (FastDraw, FastScout, FastRecruit, FastDraw Tablet). Next, select a role for that user. For FastDraw & FastDraw Tablet, each seat represents 1 device that user can activate on. For FastScout, all users just need 1 seat. If the product you are assigning the user to is FastScout, the user must be assigned the role of a Coach or a Player. Lastly, create a password for that user and then click save. 

From the summary page, the other actions you can take from the Actions menu are:

  • Remove from Account - Remove that user from all FastModel applications
  • Change Name - Update the First or Last name of the user (To change an e-mail address, please contact support)
  • Assign New Password - Assign a new password to the user that applies to all FastModel applications
  • Promote to Admin - Designate the user as an administrator on the account, meaning they have access to the admin portal 

If you need to grant or revoke access to an application for a user, first select the user from your account:

From here, hit the Product Seats option and select the products you want to add that user to. After that, you'll need to select a seat amount (For FastDraw products) or a User Role (FastScout). 

To revoke a user's access to an application or remove a user role, simply hit the dropdown menu and select the already assigned product/role. That will deselect and remove them.