Scrolling over any individual personnel tile will highlight the different sub tiles within it. The subtiles can be resized, rearranged, deleted, and new ones can be added. They are differentiated by grey outlines when scrolling over the tile. When adding a new personnel tile, there will be a standard 4 sub tiles (player photo, player info, automated stats, and a text box). 

To reshape any sub tile, click and drag the arrow in the bottom right. To rearrange the layout, use the cross symbol near the bottom right of any sub tile to click, drag and relocate them. 

Any of the sub tiles can be added into a personnel tile as well if they are not already showing. Do so by scrolling over the player tile and hitting one of the icons in the upper left-hand corner of the black ribbon. The full list of sub tiles are listed below in the following order: Text, Player Photo, Player Info, Automated Stats, Custom Table, Image, and Shot Charts. Some can be added more than once (text, image, and shot charts). 

Text: Text can be added, similar to the standard text tile. You'll be able to change the style, coloring, and format as well.

Player Photo: This shows the default image stored in our system for that player. Clicking that player's photo gives the option to select and replace it with a saved image from your computer instead.

Player Info: Basic player info including name, number, position, height, weight, and class.

Automated Stats: The player's stats from the season. These can include multiple splits depending on which are selected in the settings for that player.

Custom Table: Allows information to be input in a table format

Image: Any image previously saved on the computer can be added to any player's tile

Shot Charts: Shows the shot chart of the listed player. The split and type of shot chart can be edited by clicking the Edit button when scrolling over the shot chart sub-tile.