For reports, you'd like to work on while offline, click on the three dots to the right of the report and select "Offline Access".

The images below will be displayed to show you the progress of the report being taken offline.

Once the report is made available for offline viewing, it will be removed from the Opponent Scouts/Self Scouts tab, and be added to the Offline Scouts tab (please note that if the report has never been opened, it will take a few extra seconds to appear in the Offline Scouts tab while the players are loaded in the background). At this point, no other coaches will see the scouting report on any pages. The report is only available and viewable to the coach who took the report offline.

You CANNOT LOG OUT, as this will completely clear the token, and the reports will not be available.

When offline, the coach can re-open the same web browser on the same computer they used to mark the scout for offline, and re-access FastScout. The logo in the top-left of the page will clearly show OFFLINE if the user is offline. As mentioned earlier, any pages outside of ScoutBuilder loaded previously can be viewed while offline. In the My Scouts Page, on the Offline Scouts page, the scouts marked for offline will be available. Coaches can select the report to open and edit it. While editing the report, coaches can add text, tiles, and adjust many tile settings. An "Offline" indicator is seen on the top-left.

After returning online, the user should navigate back to the Offline Scouts page, click again on the three dots to the right of the report and click "Bring Scout Online". This will return the report to the Opponent Scouts page and make it available for all coaches on staff.


  • You cannot save custom tiles, upload video or images while offline
  • Pages that aren’t loaded prior to going offline will not be available while offline
  • Please do not log out of your account before going offline or while offline
  • Please do not use a Private/Incognito browser in any part of the offline workflow 
  • We recommend saving the My Scouts --> Offline Scouts page as a bookmark on your favorite browser, as this will take you directly to the main page coaches should be working on Offline, helping avoid a page they might not have previously cached