Presenter Mode will allow coaches to view scouts in a presentation format. The presenter mode is great for sharing scouts with your team on a large TV or projector. Presenter mode is compatible with Google Chromecast and Apple Airplay. 

To use presenter mode, right click on a scout in the My Scouts page then select "Presenter Mode". If you are already in a scout, select the play button icon available at the top of your screen. 

Entering Presenter Mode will display each tile in Full Screen. A collapsible carousel menu at the top of the screen will show each tile in the scout. To access a specific tile, a coach can click a tile directly or use Tab to move right one tile / Shift+Tab to move left one tile.

In Presenter Mode, Videos that are attached to a tile will appear as their own 'tile'. They will appear directly to the right of the tile they are attached to. Videos can be played from Presenter Mode (including full-screen).