Adding Players

Once a new play is created, we first need to add players to the court. We have 3 options to do so; Drag and Drop, FastAdd, and FastPlace.

Drag and Drop

From the Positions menu on the left, left click and hold on an icon you want to add to the court. Drag them to the location on the court and release the left button. This will drop the icon where you release it. In the example below you will see the small "3" as it hadn't been released yet, once placed, it will resize to match the other text.


At the bottom of the diagram, press the FastAdd button and then select which player you'd like to have the ball. For example, Player 1 is highlighted below.

Once Player 1 has been selected (or whichever player you select), they will automatically populate on the diagram. The player selected will be given the ball and you will then be able to move them as needed.


At the bottom of the diagram, press the FastAdd button and then select FastPlace from the bottom of the menu. You can also use a keyboard shortcut to toggle FastPlace by pressing either the "p" button. To cancel the FastPlace feature, you can either press the "p" button again or the "ESC" key.


The mouse cursor will now turn to the number "1" so you can left click anywhere on the court to place the player. The cursor will then turn to the number "2" and so on until all 5 players have been placed. Once all 5 players are placed, you can select a player to assign them with the ball. 

If you need to change which player has the ball, left click on the player you'd like to have the ball and then press the "Give Ball" button at the bottom.

Editing Players

While the default players are listed as "1" through "5", there are ways to edit these. You can also add more than 5 players if you're creating team drills. 

Editing Player Icons

You can double click on any player to edit the way they are identified. By default, they'll be "1" through "5", so you can change these to "PG" through "C", or any other combination of numbers or text. Below are examples of using player jersey numbes (with and without #), a name, text position, and number position.

Relocating Player Icons

Click and drag on a player to move them to a new area on the court. You can place a player anywhere in the usable space, including out of bounds areas if you have selected the option in the Out of Bounds menu.

Adding Extra Players and Defenders

To add more players, for example, a drill with 8 players or defensive players, simply add more players from the Drag and Drop method. With more than 5 players, you'll need to rename them by double clicking on the player icon. If you'd like a second player to have the ball, ensure you take a player from the second row that has a ball included. For defensive players, ensure you use players from the bottom row (i.e. x1), or the third row if you like to use color defenders.

Below is an example where player 6 was brought from the second row and renamed, while players 7 and 8 were taken from the top row and then renamed.