Frame Labels

By default, Frame Labels will display as "Frame (x)" to allow coaches and players to follow the play from 1-4, or as many frames as needed within the play. You will be able to edit this by clicking on the edit button to the right of the Frame Label. Here, you can rename the Label to anything you'd like.

For example, some coaches may use the Frame Label to show multiple options within a play. So, after an Iverson cut, there may be a Guard Curl Option and a Post Curl Option. These can both be shown in the same play and labeled as "Frame 2" with the option noted for clarity.

In a similar way, coaches may show different options against different defensive coverages. Some coaches may remove the entire "Frame (x)" section in a play and name each frame the action(s) being performed. For example, "Drag Screen with Spanish Action" and "Drag screen and Weakside Staggers".

Frame Descriptions

The most common place to enter text for your diagrams is the Frame Description section. You can click in the text box to the right hand side of the diagram and enter your Frame Description. Use this area to describe the action taking place in each frame.

Here you can write any text that will show with that frame. You can also format the text to emphasize different points. In the example below, the bold text refers to positions, the text in italics are referencing an area on the floor, and the underlined text refers to the actions made. This can be done by selecting the icons at the top, or using the general keyboard shortcuts; control/command + b for bold, control/command + i for italics, and control/command + u for underline

You can use number dot points or bullet points by selecting the text you'd like to edit, then selecting the appropriate option.

There is also an option to edit the text alignment, as well as to edit the font color and/or the highlight color. To align the text, simply click on that line and then select which alignment you'd like to see. To change the color, highlight the text you'd like to format, then click on the Color Picker and select either Text or Highlight, then the color you'd like to use.