Winning the rebound battle is often critical to dictating the pace of a game, but there's much more nuance not only when it comes to offensive vs defensive rebounding but also when it comes to rebound opportunities.

Offensive Rebound Percentage

To calculate ORB%, we divide total offensive rebounds by total offensive rebound opportunities, as shown below:

Dividing by rebound opportunities accounts for situations such as when a team grabs less offensive rebounds simply because they're missing less shots (less available rebounds).

Defensive Rebound Percentage

Calculating DRB% follows a similar formula to ORB%, with defensive rebounds substituted for offensive rebounds.

Total Rebound Percentage

Calculating TRB% also follows a similar formula, with total rebounds substituted instead of offensive or defensive rebounds.

Where to Find ORB%, DRB%, TRB%

You can find these advanced statistics in most tables on the FastScout dashboard, as highlighted below.