After creating your scouting report using FastScout, you have a few options to share the scouting report with your players:

Print your scouting report

When viewing your scouting report, click the Print button to print out your scouting report. You can also save a PDF of your scouting report by clicking here.

Share scouting report using FastScout mobile app

Click on the mobile-phone icon to share your scouting report using our FastScout mobile app. This provides a great scout-viewing experience for your players.

Learn more about the FastScout mobile app here

Share a link to your scouting report with videos!

Now you have the option to share a link with your team that will open the scouting report on any device! Select 'Share Scout Link' from the menu as seen below:

Copy the link to your clipboard and paste it in your group chat to quickly and easily share the scouting report with your players.