Leveraging rankings within tables in our ScoutBuilder tool transforms complex data into an easily digestible format, enabling coaches to quickly pinpoint stats that stand out against the competition. This feature enhances the readability of your scouting reports, making it simpler to identify which areas are above or below average, and streamline your game preparation strategy.

To turn on rankings in your scouting report, navigate to the tile settings for any tile 

From there toggle to the STATS tab and select the option to Show player rankings

Click Save Tile and you'll see rankings displaying in your tile. From the DESIGN tab, you can toggle between the Subscript and Badge stylings for the rankings.

The Badge stylings stand out a little more, while the Subscript ones are more subtle.

Rankings are available to toggle On/Off for the following tiles in FastScout:

Team Stats:

  • FastScout Factors
  • Team Pace
  • Team Stat Splits
  • Multi-Team Splits
  • Team Advanced Stats

Player Stats:

  • Personnel
  • Cumulative Boxscore
  • Leaders
    • Top Scorers
    • 3 Point Shooters
    • Free Throw Shooters
    • Rebounds
    • Ball Control
    • Defense

Notes about Rankings

  • Rankings are only available for full-season splits. Rankings will not be available for other splits like Last 5, Home games, Wins, etc.
  • Rankings are shown for the entire league (i.e. all of Division 1) and not for conferences (Big Ten)