Hello Coaches & Scouts! We're excited to share with you some great new features for FastScout that will help you better prepare your teams to win!

Upload .CSV spreadsheet to Custom Table tile!

Do you ever have some of your own stats in a spreadsheet or other source that you want to add to your scouts? Now you can! You can upload any saved spreadsheet (.csv format) directly into a Custom Table tile in FastScout! This new feature will be available to all coaches using FastScout.

save any spreadsheet or table in a .csv format, and it can be quickly added to your scout!

Create opponent scout vs. a custom team

We have a new feature available that lets coaches create scouts vs. a 'custom team'. This is helpful for coaches who need to create a scout against a team that we don't have statistics available for. This feature will be available upon request to college and professional coaches using our automated stats version of FastScout & FastScout Pro.

When creating a new opponent scout, coaches will see an option to ADD CUSTOM TEAM

Coaches can type in the name of their opponent and create a new scout

Scouts created vs. a custom team will show slimmed-down options, since no statistics will be available to add.

Tiles such as Text, Image, Personnel, Custom Table an Plays can still be added to these scouts, along with videos and other attachments.

We hope these new features help you prepare your team for success. Please reach out to us at support@fastmodelsports.com with any questions or feedback!